9 Songs For Your Summer Playlist

The north of England is currently melting away thanks to one of the warmest summers the country has seen in recent years.

This means the sun loungers are out, the barbecues have been dusted off and the latest #MARBELLAHITS CD has been repeating itself for the past four hours.

Instead of wasting your time (and money) on the latest Essex moneymaking scheme why not take a listen closer to home with this North East Summer sound playlist?

1. Alistair Sheerin – I Don’t Need You

You finally have control of the music and you’re scrolling through tonnes of great songs. But there’s only one choice to start it all off and of course it has to be Alistair Sheerin and this top tune.

2. Frankie & the Heartstrings – Hunger

To get you in the mood for 12 hours of beer-drinking, burger eating, cremating yourself in the sun FUN, listen to this. It will help. Take approx two listens every four hours.

3. Shoot the Poet – Little, by Little

Standing over a flaming hot grill all day serving relatives that you don’t even like can be tiring. So instead of putting up with THAT uncle who can’t stop talking about his recent trip to Cyprus, stick this little toe-tapper on instead and drown it all out.

4. Collectors Club – First to Know

This incredibly upbeat track is filled so much with optimism it could even lift the spirits of a Dad who’s square sausages have just gone up in flames.

5. John and the Ragmen – Lions and Lambs

This one is for when you’ve reached half way point. The sun is slowly descending and a lie down is in order. You’re already nine cans down and you’re convinced a ‘five minute break’ will sort you out. Spend that time listening to this and you’ll find yourself properly perked up and ready to finish that crate.

6. Young Rebel Set – Tuned Transmission

The party is well and truly going, the drinks are flowing and the spicy kebabs have just been brought out. Chances are it won’t get better than this so stick this on, sit back and enjoy the moment.

7. Be Quiet, Shout Loud! – (You’re not) Sitting in Tonight

With a few Discount UK solar powered fairy lights and emergency gazebo in place, this anthem will transform your summer-house into a fully fledged rave tent.

8. PALACE – Loose Tooth

It’s getting late now. The weaklings have gone to bed and you’ve cracked out the hard stuff. No not Jagermeister or the Sambuca. I’m talking PALACE.

9. Lost State of Dance – Runaway

The night is nearly over, the birds are singing and you can almost feel the heat from the sun as it begins to rise. It’s just you and your partner left finishing off the last of the Baileys. Shuffle throws this duet at you and there’s only one outcome – complaining neighbours.


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